Animated Stroke Order of 夸:

stroke order animation of 夸

Radical:大     Strokes:6

Pinyin & Definition:

kuāto boast
kuāto boast/to exaggerate/to praise

Related Chinese characters:

Words with Chinese Character 夸:
to boast
to exaggerate
to praise
夸克quark (physics)
夸口to boast
夸嘴boast; brag; talk big
夸多斗靡to compete to produce extravagant literary works (idiom)
夸大to exaggerate
夸大其词to exaggerate
夸大其辞Now written as "夸大其词".
夸大狂megalomania; macromania; delusions of grandeur
夸大的mouth-filling; orotund; bombastic; blusterous; stagy; exaggerated; exaggerative; magnific; vaulting; high-sounding; pompous; plethoric; high-flown; romantic; tall; steep; overstate; grandiloquent; granndiloquent; fustian; magnisonant; large
夸夸其谈indulge in exaggerations
夸奖to praise
to applaud
to compliment
夸张to exaggerate
夸张的exaggerated; magniloquent; high-sounding; grandiloquent; swollen; spread-eagle; Ossianic; inflated; theatrical; stilted; prononce; theatric; turgescent; hyperbolic; superlative; exaggerative; high flown; high sounding; high-flown; highsounding; highflown
夸海口to boast
to talk big
夸父逐日doing sth. beyond one's ability; A braggadocio conceived the vain ambition of overtaking the fleeting rays of the sun
夸示panache; splurge; show-off; blazon; display; ostentate; parade; splash
夸称to praise
to acclaim
to commend