Animated Stroke Order of 妄:

stroke order animation of 妄

Radical:女     Strokes:6

Pinyin & Definition:


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Words with Chinese Character 妄:
妄下雌黄to alter a text indiscriminately (idiom)
to make irresponsible criticism
妄为to take rash action
妄人presumptuous and ignorant person
妄加To give recklessly or lightly.
妄加指责make rash criticism
妄加猜测make wild guesses
妄动to rush indiscriminately into action
妄取to take sth without permission
妄图to try in vain
futile attempt
妄念wild fantasy
unwarranted thought
妄想to attempt vainly
a vain attempt
妄想症[Medicine] delusion; paranoia
妄想痴呆paraphrenia; dementia paranoides; dementia phantastica
妄想的chimeric; obsessive; refragable; delusional; chimerical
妄断to jump to an unfounded conclusion
妄求inappropriate or presumptuous demands
妄生穿凿a forced analogy (idiom); to jump to an unwarranted conclusion
妄称to make a false and unwarranted declaration