Animated Stroke Order of 嫡:

stroke order animation of 嫡

Radical:女     Strokes:14

Pinyin & Definition:

first wife/son of first wife

Related Chinese characters:

Words with Chinese Character 嫡:
first wife
son of first wife
嫡亲closely related by blood
嫡亲兄弟blood brothers; whole brothers
嫡亲弟兄blood brothers; whole brothers
嫡传handed down in a direct line from the founder
嫡出To be born by a legal wife.
嫡嗣an eldest son born of the legal wife of a man
嫡堂relationship between cousins of the same paternal grandfather
嫡子son of first wife
嫡母legitimate mother
嫡派direct line of descent; one's own clique
嫡系direct line of descent
under one's personal command
school or faction passing on faithfully one's doctrine
嫡系部队troops under one's direct control
嫡长子Eldest son of the legal wife in old times.