Animated Stroke Order of 孕:

stroke order animation of 孕

Radical:子     Strokes:5

Pinyin & Definition:


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Words with Chinese Character 孕:
孕产pregnancy and childbirth
obstetrics and gynecology
孕产妇pregnant and lying-in women
孕前的pregestational; progestational
孕吐morning sickness (during pregnancy)
孕妇pregnant woman
孕妇晨吐morning sickness
孕妇服maternity dress
孕妇装maternity dress
duration of pregnancy
孕穗the embryonic development of grain while still on the stem
孕穗期a boot stage
孕育to be pregnant
to produce offspring
to nurture (a development, school of thought, artwork etc)
孕酮[Biochemistry] progesterone
孕震tectonic stress