Animated Stroke Order of 孵:

stroke order animation of 孵

Radical:子     Strokes:14

Pinyin & Definition:

breeding/to incubate/to hatch

Related Chinese characters:

Words with Chinese Character 孵:
to incubate
to hatch
孵出hatch out; hatch; spawned
to incubate
innovation (esp. in commerce and marketing)
apparatus for incubating eggs
hatchery (for poultry etc)
孵化期incubation period
time for sth to develop
孵化池hatchery pond
孵卵sitting; incubate; hatching; brooding; incubation; brood
孵卵器hatcher; incubator; brooder; hatchibator; incubator for eggs; hatching apparatus
孵卵期incubation period
孵卵鸡a brooding hen
孵育to incubate
to rear (chicks)
孵蛋to incubate