Animated Stroke Order of 定:

stroke order animation of 定

Radical:宀     Strokes:8

Pinyin & Definition:

dìngto set/to fix/to determine/to decide/to order

Related Chinese characters:

Words with Chinese Character 定:
to set
to fix
to determine
定义域domain (math.)
定义的defined; defining; definitional
定于set at
scheduled at
定于一尊look up to one man as the highest authority
定产a system of fixed quotas for grain production
定价to set a price
to fix a price
定价表price catalog; priced current
定位器localizer; locator; detent mechanism; localizator; retainer; positioner; steady arm; hold-off arm; clamper
定位投篮a stop shot; a set shot
定作to have sth made to order
定例usual practice
定值保险单a valued policy
定值保险条款[Commerce] vc (valuation clause)
定倾中心metacentre; metacenter
定做to have something made to order
定做的made-to-order; custom-made; custom-built; tailored; be made to order; custom made; shopmade; custommade; made to measure; benchmade