Animated Stroke Order of 宝:

stroke order animation of 宝

Radical:宀     Strokes:8

Pinyin & Definition:


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Words with Chinese Character 宝:
a jewel or gem
a treasure
宝丰Baofeng county in Pingdingshan 平頂山|平顶山
宝丰县Baofeng county in Pingdingshan 平頂山|平顶山
宝丽来一次成像照相机a Polaroid camera
宝书treasured book
宝兴Baoxing county in Ya'an 雅安
宝兴县Baoxing county in Ya'an 雅安
宝典canonical text
treasury (i.e. book of treasured wisdom)
宝刀treasured sword
宝刀不老still at the height of his powers
宝刀未老treasure knife does not age (idiom); old but still vigorous
宝刹the precious ksetra; Buddha realm; monastery
宝剑a double-edged sword
宝号your shop
宝地treasured place
宝坻Baodi rural district in Tianjin 天津
宝坻区Baodi rural district in Tianjin 天津
宝塔区Baota or Pagoda district of Yan'an city 延安市