Animated Stroke Order of 就:

stroke order animation of 就

Radical:尢     Strokes:12

Pinyin & Definition:

jiùat once/right away/only/just (emphasis)/as early as/already/as soon as/then/in that case/as many as/even if/to approach/to move towards/to undertake/to engage in/to suffer/subjected to/to accomplish/to take advantage of/to go with (of foods)/with regard t

Related Chinese characters:

Words with Chinese Character 就:
at once
right away
就业looking for employment
getting a job
to start a career
就业保险employment insurance
就业培训employment training
就业市场 job market
就业机会employment opportunity
job opening
就业率employment rate
就业登记employment registration
就业门路possible channel for employment
就中It refers to do something in the process of being done. The same as "从中".
就义to be killed for a righteous cause
to die a martyr
就事论事to discuss sth on its own merits
to judge the matter as it stands
就任take office
assume a post
就伴to act as companion
就位fill one's shoes; perch
就便at sb's convenience
in passing
while doing it
就势make use of momentum
就医to receive medical treatment
就合yield to
on the spot