Animated Stroke Order of 尽:

stroke order animation of 尽

Radical:尸     Strokes:6

Pinyin & Definition:

jǐnto the utmost
jìnto use up/to exhaust/to end/to finish/to the utmost/exhausted/finished/to the limit (of sth)

Related Chinese characters:

Words with Chinese Character 尽:
to the greatest extent
(when used before a noun of location) furthest or extreme
to be within the limits of
尽义务to fulfil one's duty
to work without asking for reward
尽人事do all that is humanly possible
尽人皆知known by everyone (idiom); well known
a household name
尽先in the first instance
as a first priority
尽兴to enjoy oneself to the full
to one's heart's content
尽其所有give one's all
尽其所长work to the best of one's ability
尽其本分to play one's proper role; to exhaust one's obligation; to do one's part; to do one's bit
尽力to strive one's hardest
to spare no effort
尽力而为to try one's utmost
to strive
尽可能as far as possible
to do one's utmost
尽善尽美perfect (idiom); perfection
the best of all possible worlds
as good as it gets
尽处terminal point
尽头the very end
尽头的dead-end; extreme; utmost; terminal; outland
尽如人意fully up to expectations
尽孝fulfil one's duty to one's parents
尽心with all of one's heart