Animated Stroke Order of 岁:

stroke order animation of 岁

Radical:山     Strokes:6

Pinyin & Definition:

suìyear/years old/classifier for years old

Related Chinese characters:

Words with Chinese Character 岁:
classifier for years (of age)
year (of crop harvests)
岁不我与Time and tide wait for no man (idiom)
岁修start of the year
岁俸annual salary
annual income
岁入分享revenue sharing
岁入分配数anticipated revenue allotment
岁入国库款annual revenue paid in treasury
岁入应收款receivables annual revenue
岁入税revenue tax
岁入预算数anticipated revenue
岁出yearly expenditure; supply; annual expenditure; annual expenditures
岁出保留数appropriation encumbrance
岁出应付款payables annual expense
岁初the beginning of the year
岁定经费an annual appropriation
岁寒三友three durable plants of winter: pine, bamboo and plum blossom
岁寒知松柏adversity reveals fortitude and uprightness
岁尾The end of the year.
岁岁平安May you have peace year after year (New Year's greeting)