Animated Stroke Order of 岔:

stroke order animation of 岔

Radical:山     Strokes:7

Pinyin & Definition:

chàfork in road/bifurcation/branch in road, river, mountain range etc/to branch off/to turn off/to diverge/to stray (from the path)/to change the subject/to interrupt/to stagger (times)

Related Chinese characters:

Words with Chinese Character 岔:
fork in road
branch in road, river, mountain range etc
fork in road
a hiccup
岔开to diverge
to branch off the road
to change (the subject)
岔曲儿Singing before the real performance of danxian, which is usually lyric or comedic.
岔气feel a pain in chest
岔流branch stream
岔生 to grow horizontally.
岔眼 to panic because of an optical illusion.
岔调to lose one's voice (coll.)
岔路fork in the road
岔路口a fork in the road; a turning
岔道side road
to branch off
岔道儿A road that branches out of a main road.