Animated Stroke Order of 岱:

stroke order animation of 岱

Radical:山     Strokes:8

Pinyin & Definition:

dàiMt Tai in Shandong/same as 泰山

Related Chinese characters:

Words with Chinese Character 岱:
Mt Tai in Shandong
same as 泰山
岱宗another name for Mt Tai 泰山 in Shandong as principal or ancestor of the Five Sacred Mountains 五嶽|五岳
Mt Thai as resting place for departed souls
岱山Daishan county in Zhoushan 舟山
岱山县Daishan county in Zhoushan 舟山
岱岳区Daiyue district of Tai'an city 泰安市
岱庙Dai Temple, a temple in Shandong for the god of Mount Tai