Animated Stroke Order of 崩:

stroke order animation of 崩

Radical:山     Strokes:11

Pinyin & Definition:

bēngto collapse/to fall into ruins/death of king or emperor/demise

Related Chinese characters:

Words with Chinese Character 崩:
to collapse
to fall into ruins
death of king or emperor
崩倒to collapse
to crash down
to fall down in a heap
崩决to burst (of dam)
to be breached
to collapse
collapse (of mountain side)
talus slide
breakdown (of social values etc)
崩坏作用mass wasting (geology)
slope movement
崩塌talus slide
to crumble (of scree slope)
to collapse
崩岸collapse on the bank
崩摧to collapse
to shatter
崩殂to die
demise (archaic, of King or Emperor)
崩溃to collapse
to crumble
to fall apart
崩漏uterine bleeding
崩症metrorrhagia (vaginal bleeding outside the expected menstrual period)
崩积层colluvium; colluvia
崩落talus slide
to crumble (of scree slope)
to collapse
崩裂to rupture
to burst open
to break up
崩陷fall in
cave in