Animated Stroke Order of 师:

stroke order animation of 师

Radical:巾     Strokes:6

Pinyin & Definition:

shīa division (military)/teacher/master/expert/model

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Words with Chinese Character 师:
division (military)
师专teachers training school; normal school
师事serve as master
师从be an apprentice of
师传be a disciple of
qualified worker
respectful form of address for older men
师兄senior (of the same master)
师兄弟 fellow apprentice
师公master's master; sorcerer
师出无名fight a war without a just cause
师友friend who you can seek advice
师古following the ways of old
in imitation of ancient style
师哥senior fellow apprentice
师大abbr. for 師範大學|师范大学, Normal University
teacher-training college
师妹junior sister apprentice
师姊a younger female fellow student under the same master or teacher
2.a polite salutation for the teacher's daughter younger than oneself
师姐senior sister apprentice
师娘teacher's wife
师宗Shizong county in Qujing 曲靖