Animated Stroke Order of 应:

stroke order animation of 应

Radical:广     Strokes:7

Pinyin & Definition:

yìngsurname Ying/to answer/to respond

Related Chinese characters:

Words with Chinese Character 应:
surname Ying
应上税物品dutiable articles
应举to sit for imperial examinations
应仁之乱ōnin war 1467-1477 between factions of Ashikaga shogunate
应从to assent
to comply with
应付to deal with
to cope
应付帐款accounts payable
应付抵押款mortgage payables
应付押款mortgage payable
应付款account payable; due; money dues; amount dues; accrue payable
应付款明细帐an account payable ledger
应付票据notes payable; note payable
应付自如to handle matters with ease (idiom); equal to the situation
应付裕如handling any occasion smoothly (idiom); equal to any situation
应付账款accounts payable
应允和解to give assent to a reconciliation
应分should be divided
part of the job
one's duty under the circumstances
应制to write a poem on the order of the Emperor