Animated Stroke Order of 底:

stroke order animation of 底

Radical:广     Strokes:8

Pinyin & Definition:

de(equivalent to 的 as possessive particle)
background/bottom/base/the end of a period of time/towards the end of (last month)

Related Chinese characters:

Words with Chinese Character 底:
(equivalent to 的 as possessive particle)
底下the location below sth
底价base price; floor; bottom price; price lining; hardpan; floor price; lowest price
底位The lowest point in a series of changing numbers.
底册bound copy of a document kept on file
底冰anchor ice; frazil; bottom ice
底功Essentials of basic training, basic training.
底卸式车a hopper car
底卸车dump-bottom car; bottom-dump car; hopper wagon; bottom-dump truck
底图base map; inked drawing; underlying graph; tracing plan; working map; cartographic base; base drawing; basic plan; drawing key; guide copy; mother map; first drafting; intermediate key; artwork master; based drawing; base sheet
底土subsoil; substratum; bottom soil; undersoil
底基mudsill; subbottom; subbase
底墒soil moisture
底壁footwall; bottom; lower wall
底夸克bottom quark (physics)
底孔underport; bottom hole
底定to establish peace in a region after an insurgence is put down settle
底层ground or first floor
bottom (of a pile)
lowest rung (of society)