Animated Stroke Order of 廉:

stroke order animation of 廉

Radical:广     Strokes:13

Pinyin & Definition:

liánincorrupt/inexpensive/surname Lian

Related Chinese characters:

Words with Chinese Character 廉:
surname Lian
廉价出售distress selling; have sale; sell Robin Hood's pennyworthy; go cheap; undercut; remainder; on sale; bargain away; sold robin hood s pennyworth; sell robin hood s pennyworth; sale; be disposed of at a low valuation; bargain sales; sell at a low price; undersell; sell che
廉价出售广告on sale
廉价品pedlary; cheap goods bargain; job; falderal; job lot; cheap goods
廉价商品部a bargain basement
廉价商店dime store; discount shop; thrifty discount stores; discount store; thrift shop; bargain store
廉价抛售distress sale; distress selling
廉价普及本an omnibus edition
廉价部bargain basement; bargainbasement
廉价餐馆hash house
廉俸extra allowances paid to government officials in the Qing dynasty
廉净寡欲pure and with few desires
廉政honest or clean politics
廉政公署Independent Commission Against Corruption, Hong Kong (ICAC)
廉政建设construction of a clean and honest administration; building of and incorruptible government
廉明incorruptible and intellighet; upright and incorruptible
廉正incorruptness; rightness; integrity