Animated Stroke Order of 彻:

stroke order animation of 彻

Radical:彳     Strokes:7

Pinyin & Definition:

chèthorough/penetrating/to pervade/to pass through

Related Chinese characters:

Words with Chinese Character 彻:
to pervade
彻夜the whole night
彻夜不眠to be sleepless all night
彻夜工作to work all night
彻头彻尾lit. from head to tail (idiom); thoroughgoing
through and through
out and out
彻底失败utter failure
彻底改变about-face; about face
彻底消灭utterly destroy
彻底破产complete bankruptcy tatters
彻悟fully aware
to recognize fully
彻查to investigate thoroughly
彻西Chelsea, suburb of London
Chelsea football club
彻骨to the bone
to the marrow
fig. to a very large degree
彻骨之寒biting cold
彻骨铭心To be deeply engraved in one's memory.