Animated Stroke Order of 很:

stroke order animation of 很

Radical:彳     Strokes:9

Pinyin & Definition:

hěn(adverb of degree)/quite/very/awfully

Related Chinese characters:

Words with Chinese Character 很:
(adverb of degree)
很不very un- ...
很久以前a long time ago
很可能in all probability; likely; ten to one; as likely as not; as like as not; may well; must
很可能的likely; probable
很多very many; very much; great; lump; muchness; mort; mickle; lashings; plenty; hatful; no lack of; a great many; a good many; a large number of; enough and to spare; in plenty; a great/good many; enough; umptyumpth
很好well; very good; all very fine; all very well
很小的knee-high to a mosquito; knee-high to a duck; pimping; wee; baby-size; pygmyish; teensy; tiny; teentsy
很少seldom; seldomness; a fat lot; anything of; rarely; little
很差no chop; very bad
很快quickly; PDQ; soon; like wildfire
很快地pronto; quickly; swiftly; fast; in a wink; soon; cracking; like winking
很想to miss sb
to very much want to
很早very early
很晚late; late in the day