Animated Stroke Order of 恋:

stroke order animation of 恋

Radical:心     Strokes:10

Pinyin & Definition:

liànto feel attached to/long for/love

Related Chinese characters:

Words with Chinese Character 恋:
to feel attached to
to long for
to love
恋乡To have an affection for one's hometown.
恋土To have an affection for one's hometown and to be unwilling to leave.
恋家reluctant to be away from home
恋尸癖necrophilia; necrophily; necromania
恋念think constantly of
恋恋不舍reluctant to part
恋情romantic love
恋旧yearn for the past; long for the good old days; remember past times or old acquaintances
恋栈to be reluctant to give up a post
恋歌love song
恋母情结Oedipus complex
恋爱(romantic) love
in love
to have an affair
恋爱小说a love story
恋父情结Electra complex; father complex; electra
恋物(sexual) fetishism
恋物狂(sexual) fetishism