Animated Stroke Order of 房:

stroke order animation of 房

Radical:户     Strokes:8

Pinyin & Definition:

fánghouse/room/surname Fang/CL:間|间[jian1]

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Words with Chinese Character 房:
surname Fang
房下one's wife (traditional)
房主landlord, house-owner
房产real estate
the property market (e.g. houses)
房产中介real estate agent
房产主house owner
房产税building tax; tax on urban building
房产证title deeds
certificate of property ownership
房价house price
cost of housing
房卡room card (in a hotel)
房县Fang county in Shiyan 十堰
房地产real estate
房地产买卖real estate business
房地产交易real estate transaction
房地产公司property firm
房地产出售契约a contract for the sale of real estate
房地产商land agent
房地产市场real estate market
房地产开发exploitation of real estate