Animated Stroke Order of 扣:

stroke order animation of 扣

Radical:扌     Strokes:6

Pinyin & Definition:

kòu10 percent/button/detain

Related Chinese characters:

Words with Chinese Character 扣:
to fasten
to button
扣上to buckle up
to fasten
扣人心弦to excite
to thrill
扣件fastener; fastening; fasteners
扣住to detain
to hold back by force
to buckle
扣借支to deduct prepayment
扣关variant of 叩關|叩关
扣击to smash a ball
扣分to deduct marks (when grading school work)
to have marks deducted
penalty points
扣压to withhold
to hold sth back (and prevent it being known)
扣去to deduct (points etc)
扣发to deprive
to withhold
to hold sth back (and prevent it being known)
扣审To detain and examine.
扣屎盔子(northern dialect) lit. to cap in excrement
fig. to discredit with absurd unfounded accusations
to vilify
扣带鞋buckle shoes
扣帽子to tag sb with unfair label
power word
扣应to call in (to a broadcast program) (loanword) (Taiwan)
扣式电池button cell
watch battery