Animated Stroke Order of 扯:

stroke order animation of 扯

Radical:扌     Strokes:7

Pinyin & Definition:

chěpull/tear/to talk casually

Related Chinese characters:

Words with Chinese Character 扯:
to pull
to tear
(of cloth, thread etc) to buy
扯住to grasp firmly
扯后腿to be a drag or hindrance on sb
扯嗓子to exercise one's voice
扯家常to engage in small talk
to chit chat
扯平wash; call it even; even up
扯断to pull apart
扯淡to talk nonsense
扯皮to wrangle
扯破tear apart
扯碎to tear (or pull) apart; to tear to pieces; to rend apart
扯谈to talk nonsense (topolect)
扯谎to tell a lie
Chinese yo-yo
扯闲篇To talk about something that is of little importance.