Animated Stroke Order of 扼:

stroke order animation of 扼

Radical:扌     Strokes:7

Pinyin & Definition:

èto grip forcefully/to clutch at/to guard/to control/to hold

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Words with Chinese Character 扼:
to grip forcefully
to clutch at
to guard
扼制to control
to restrain
扼喉抚背to strangle and slap the back (idiom); fig. to occupy a strategic post
扼守to hold a pass
to guard (a strategic location)
扼杀to strangle
to throttle
扼死to strangle
to throttle
to stifle (opinions)
扼流圈choke; choking turn; inductive choke; retardation coil; reactive coil; impedance coil; choker; throttle; CHC; choke coil
扼腕to wring one's hands (literally wring one's wrists)
扼襟控咽to secure a stranglehold (idiom); fig. to hold a strategic pass
扼要to the point
扼颈to strangle
to throttle