Animated Stroke Order of 抢:

stroke order animation of 抢

Radical:扌     Strokes:7

Pinyin & Definition:

qiāngsee 搶風|抢风 contrary wind
qiǎngfight over/to rush/to scramble/to grab/to rob/to snatch

Related Chinese characters:

Words with Chinese Character 抢:
see 搶風|抢风 contrary wind
抢一在论坛里抢第一个回复的位置.grab the first spot to reply in a thread. 抢: grab, rob
抢亲marriage by capture
bride kidnapping
抢修to repair in a rush
urgent repairs
抢先to rush (to do sth urgent)
to try to be the first
to forestall
抢劫to rob
case of looting
抢占to seize (the strategic high ground)
抢嘴try to get the first word in; try to be heard above the rest; rush to eat up the food
抢地呼天strike the head on the ground and call on Heaven
抢墒lose no time in sowing while there is sufficient moisture in the soil
抢夺to plunder
to pillage
to forcibly take
抢婚marriage by capture
bride kidnapping
抢工To rush to work.
抢市rush in market supplies
抢建rush construction