Animated Stroke Order of 抵:

stroke order animation of 抵

Radical:扌     Strokes:8

Pinyin & Definition:

to hold up/to support/to prop up/to resist/to compensate/to make up for/to mortgage/to offset/to counterbalance/to balance/to set against/on the whole/to push against/to reach/to arrive

Related Chinese characters:

Words with Chinese Character 抵:
to press against
to support
to prop up
抵不上Incomparable, unmatchable.
抵临A word of respect which means to arrive.
抵事useful; of great help
抵交To substitute money or things to be paid with other things, to pay with substitutes.
抵住to resist
to press against
to brace
抵债to repay a debt in kind or by labor
抵偿to compensate
to make good (a financial loss)
抵免所得税tax credit
抵减to claim a credit against
tax reduction
抵制to resist
to boycott
to refuse (to cooperate)
抵华to arrive in China (of a foreign national)
to settle in China
抵命pay for life with life; pay with one's life; a life for a life
抵岸to come ashore
抵得上be worth
抵御to resist
to withstand
抵御外侮to resist foreign aggression
抵扣to deduct from
to compensate
抵抗to resist