Animated Stroke Order of 拒:

stroke order animation of 拒

Radical:扌     Strokes:7

Pinyin & Definition:

to resist/to repel/to refuse

Related Chinese characters:

Words with Chinese Character 拒:
to resist
to repel
to refuse
拒不接受refusing to accept
拒之门外to lock one's door and refuse to see sb
拒人千里One refuses to see others at all. It is used to describe one's attitude of haughtiness towards others and one's reluctance to contact or deal with others.
拒付to refuse to accept a payment
to refuse to pay
to stop (a cheque or payment)
拒付支票a bounced cheque; a rejected cheque; an unpaid cheque
拒保危险a prohibited risk
拒发签证refuse to issue a visa
拒守Protect and guard.
拒捕to resist arrest
拒收to reject
to refuse to accept
拒敌resist the enemy; keep the enemy at bay
拒斥to reject
拒毒Object to or refrain from drugs.
拒绝to refuse
to decline
to reject
拒绝承兑refusal to accept; nonacceptance
拒绝接受quarrel with; draw the line at
拒绝购买sales resistance
拒聘turn down an appointment; refuse an engagement