Animated Stroke Order of 拔:

stroke order animation of 拔

Radical:扌     Strokes:8

Pinyin & Definition:

to pull up/to pull out/to draw out by suction/to select/to pick/to stand out (above level)/to surpass/to seize

Related Chinese characters:

Words with Chinese Character 拔:
to pull up
to pull out
to draw out by suction
拔丝wire drawing
candied floss
拔丝山药a hot candied yam
拔丝机a wire-drawing bench; a wire-drawing machine
拔俗To be beyond the ordinary, exceptional.
拔出unsheathe; evulsion; pull out; draw; pluck out; evulse; extraction; drag up; unshaved
拔刀相助draw one's sword and come to the rescue
拔取to pick out
to select and recruit
to pluck
拔地rise steeply from level ground
拔地而起rise sheer from level ground
拔塞钻a corkscrew
拔尖top-notch (colloquial)
to push oneself to the front
拔尖儿erhua variant of 拔尖
拔掉to pluck
to pull off
to pull out
拔擢select the best people for promotion
拔染剂discharging agents; discharge
拔染印花discharge printing
拔桩机a pile-drawing machine; a pile-extractor