Animated Stroke Order of 择:

stroke order animation of 择

Radical:扌     Strokes:8

Pinyin & Definition:

to select/to choose/to pick
zháipick over

Related Chinese characters:

Words with Chinese Character 择:
to select
to choose
to pick
择不开impossible to separate
impossible to disentangle
cannot take time out
择业choose a job
择交choose friends
择伐selecting cutting; selection felling; selection cutting
择优pick over; preferential
择优定向[Geology] preferred orientation
择优录取to enroll or employ on the basis of competitive selection
择偶to choose a spouse
择刺to pick out the bones in a fish
择友choose friends
择吉select an auspicious day
择善固执to choose what is good and hold fast to it (idiom)
择善而从to choose the right course and follow it (idiom)
择定select (a date)
择席be unable to sleep
择日to fix a date (for an event)
to select an auspicious date
择日子to pick an auspicious day
择日起程to fix a departure date
择期to select a good time