Animated Stroke Order of 拼:

stroke order animation of 拼

Radical:扌     Strokes:9

Pinyin & Definition:

pīnto piece together/to join together/to stake all/adventurous/at the risk of one's life/to spell

Related Chinese characters:

Words with Chinese Character 拼:
to piece together
to join together
to stake all
拼个你死我活to fight to the bitter end; to fight a life-and-death struggle
拼争to fight desperately
拼写to spell
to transliterate
拼写检查spelling; spell check
拼写错误spelling mistake
written error
拼凑to assemble
to put together
拼到底to brave it out
to the bitter end
拼制To join together to make.
拼刺bayonet charge
拼刺刀bayonet charge
拼力to spare no efforts
拼劲儿energy and determination
拼合to cohere
to form a coherent whole
拼合沙发sectional sofa
拼命to do one's utmost
with all one's might
at all costs
拼命三郎brave man, willing to risk his life
拼命讨好to throw oneself at sb or sth
to bend over backwards to help
拼图abbr. of 拼布圖形|拼布图形, jigsaw puzzle