Animated Stroke Order of 挡:

stroke order animation of 挡

Radical:扌     Strokes:9

Pinyin & Definition:

dǎngto resist/to obstruct/to hinder/to keep off/to block (a blow)/to get in the way of/cover/gear (e.g. in a car's transmission)
dàngto arrange/to put in order

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Words with Chinese Character 挡:
to resist
to obstruct
to hinder
挡位gear level (i.e. first gear, high gear etc)
挡住to obstruct
挡光to be in the light; to get in the light
挡土墙retaining wall; abamurus; breast wall; protecting wall; terrace wall; earth-retaining wall
挡墙a barricade
挡开fend off; stave off; shield off; parry; fend; foil; shield; ward; to parry
挡拆pick and roll (basketball)
screen and roll
挡板baffle; baffle plate; check plate; inner bar; guard board; repelling board; stop plate; shallow dam; carriage apron; flap; buffer; baffle board; siding; apron; bumper plate; occulting disc; disappearing end bumper
挡横儿meddle and prevent; interfere and make difficulties; get in the way
挡水water holding; water retaining
挡水板breakwater; manger; water eliminator; dash plate; ash plate; manger board; eliminator; flashing; flap
挡潮闸tide gate; tidal barrage
挡箭牌pretext; shield
挡路blocking the way
挡车keep off a car; ward off a truck
挡道in the way; get in sb.'s way; get in the way of -ing
挡雨to protect from the rain