Animated Stroke Order of 挽:

stroke order animation of 挽

Radical:扌     Strokes:10

Pinyin & Definition:

wǎnto pull/to draw (a cart or a bow)/to lead (an animal)/an elegy (for use in funeral procession)/to turn (change direction)/to roll up (a scroll)/to coil

Related Chinese characters:

Words with Chinese Character 挽:
to pull
to draw (a cart or a bow)
to lead (an animal)
挽力pulling power (of draught animals)
挽回to retrieve
to redeem
挽幛large elegiac scroll
挽救to save
to remedy
to rescue
挽救儿童to rescue a child
Save the Children, a British charity
挽新娘裙裾者a trainbearer
挽歌a dirge
an elegy
挽留to persuade sb to stay
挽联elegiac couplet
挽词an elegy
elegiac words
挽诗lament; monody
挽辞an elegy
elegiac words
挽近[Formal] recent
2.[Formal] recently
挽额elegiac tablet
挽马dobbin; dray horse; draft horse; draught horse