Animated Stroke Order of 捉:

stroke order animation of 捉

Radical:扌     Strokes:10

Pinyin & Definition:

zhuōto clutch/to grab/to capture

Related Chinese characters:

Words with Chinese Character 捉:
to clutch
to grab
to capture
捉住to catch
to grapple with
to hold onto
捉住要害to catch one on the hip
捉刀ghostwrite; write for someone else
捉刀者a ghost
捉取to capture
捉取图像capture image
捉奸catch adulterers in the act
捉弄to tease
捉拿to arrest
to catch a criminal
捉拿归案bring to justice
捉捕器trap (for animals etc)
捉摸to predict (often uncertain)
to grope (for the truth)
to fathom
捉获to capture
捉襟见肘dressed in tatters and live miserably; have too many difficulties to cope with
捉迷藏hide and seek