Animated Stroke Order of 掉:

stroke order animation of 掉

Radical:扌     Strokes:11

Pinyin & Definition:

diàoto fall/to drop/to lag behind/to lose/to go missing/to reduce/fall (in prices)/to lose (value, weight etc)/to wag/to swing/to turn/to change/to exchange/to swap/to show off/to shed (hair)

Related Chinese characters:

Words with Chinese Character 掉:
to fall
to drop
to lag behind
掉下to drop down
to fall
掉书袋lit. to drop a bag of books (idiom); fig. to drop quotations to appear learned
to quote classical texts as a parade of erudition
掉以轻心treat sth lightly
to lower one's guard
掉价drop in price
to have one's status lowered
掉价儿erhua variant of 掉價|掉价, drop in price
to have one's status lowered
掉包to substitute in secret (a fake for the genuine item)
to palm off
掉向to turn
to adjust one's direction
to lose one's bearings
掉头to turn through 180 degrees
a U-turn
to turn around
掉换to shift uneasily
to chop and change
to swap (positions)
掉文To show off one's learning.
掉泪to shed tears
掉点儿drip of rain
掉球drop shot (in volleyball, tennis etc)
掉秤to lose weight (of cattle)
掉线to get disconnected (from the Internet)
掉膘to lose weight (of cattle)
掉色to lose color
to fade
掉落to fall down
掉转to turn around