Animated Stroke Order of 控:

stroke order animation of 控

Radical:扌     Strokes:11

Pinyin & Definition:

kòngto accuse/to charge/to control/to sue

Related Chinese characters:

Words with Chinese Character 控:
to accuse
to charge
to control
控件a control (e.g. button, text box etc) (computing)
to exercise control over
to contain
控制中场[Sports] (of football) to control the midfield
控制中心control center; control centre
控制信号a control signal; a pilot signal
控制力controlling force; operating force; control force; directing force; bathmic force
控制区control area; control region; controlled area; air-traffic control zone; demilitarized zone
控制台control desk
控制器controller; director; control; control unit; combination switch; circuit controller; service switch; gamma controller; inversor; control device; manipulator; controls; cntl; CU
控制器存储器a controller storage
控制图control diagram; control figure; control chart
控制室control room
控制开关a control switch
控制按钮a control button
控制数字control figures; planned target; target; control figure; control data
控制权control (e.g. to win control)
controlling right
控制杆to (have) control (over)
to contain
控制板control plate; dash board; pendant control; control panel; plugboard; panel; wiring board; control board; operating panel; operator's panel; operator control panel; panel of control; switching panel