Animated Stroke Order of 推:

stroke order animation of 推

Radical:扌     Strokes:11

Pinyin & Definition:

tuīto push/to cut/to refuse/to reject/to decline/to shirk (responsibility)/to put off/to delay/to push forward/to nominate/to elect

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Words with Chinese Character 推:
to push
to cut
to refuse
推三阻四to use all sorts of excuses
推不知情to pretend to be ignorant of the situation
推举to elect
to choose
press (weightlifting technique)
推事ordinary; magistrate; judge; trier; trior
to promote
to introduce and recommend
推估to estimate
推倒to push over
to overthrow
推出to push out
to release
to launch
推力thrust; thrust force; impulse force; THR; pushing force; push; propulsive force; propulsive thrust; momentum thrust; shoot; jet thrust
推动to push (for acceptance of a plan)
to push forward
to promote
推动凸轮an actuating cam
推动力driving force
推却refusal; repel
推卸to avoid (esp. responsibility)
to shift (the blame)
to pass the buck
推卸责任pass the buck; shift the blame on; pass the baby
推卸责任,委过于人to shirk one's responsibility and shift the blame onto others
推及to spread
to extend