Animated Stroke Order of 掩:

stroke order animation of 掩

Radical:扌     Strokes:11

Pinyin & Definition:

yǎnto cover up/to surprise

Related Chinese characters:

Words with Chinese Character 掩:
to cover up
to surprise
掩人耳目to block the ears and eyes (idiom); to hoodwink
to dissimulate
to deceive
掩体bunker (military)
掩口而笑to laugh in secret; to hide one's smile
掩埋to bury
掩护to screen
to shield
to cover
掩护火力covering fire
掩护物cover; front
掩护部队screen; covering force
掩星obscuration; occultation
掩映set off one another
掩杀to make a surprise attack
to pounce on (an enemy)
掩泣cover one's face with one's hands and start weeping
掩盖to conceal
to hide behind
to cover up
掩盖真相to cover up the facts
掩耳to refuse to listen
掩耳不闻to turn a deaf ear
掩耳却步to close the ears and step back
掩耳盗铃lit. to cover one's ears whilst stealing a bell
to deceive oneself
to bury one's head in the sand (idiom)