Animated Stroke Order of 搅:

stroke order animation of 搅

Radical:扌     Strokes:12

Pinyin & Definition:

jiǎoto disturb/to annoy/to mix/to stir

Related Chinese characters:


Words with Chinese Character 搅:
to disturb
to annoy
to mix
搅乱to confuse
搅乳器churn; whipping machine; churner; whisk machine
搅动to mix
to stir
搅和to mix (up)
to blend
to spoil
搅局upset a scheme or plan
搅打beating; beetle; beat
搅扰to disturb
to annoy
搅拌to stir
to agitate
搅拌器blender; beater; pulsator; puddler; stirrer; whisk; whip; agitator; mixer; rabbler; shaker; Turner; mixing apparatus; electric mixer
food mixer
搅拌棒muddler; stirring rod; stirrer with four tilted blades; rabbling iron; mixing rod
搅棒splash bar; stirring rod; stirrer; thivel
搅混to mix
to blend
搅炼puddled iron; puddling; rabbling
搅鬼to play underhand tricks