Animated Stroke Order of 搞:

stroke order animation of 搞

Radical:扌     Strokes:13

Pinyin & Definition:

gǎoto do/to make/to go in for/to set up/to get hold of/to take care of

Related Chinese characters:


Words with Chinese Character 搞:
to do
to make
to go in for
搞乌龙to mess something up
see also 烏龍球|乌龙球
搞乱to mess up
to mismanage
to bungle
搞出to work out; to achieve; to produce
搞坏to damage; to impair; to spoil; to bumble
搞垮to disrupt; to overthrow; to destroy; to sink; to bray
搞好to do well at
to do a good job
搞定to fix
to settle
to wangle
搞对象go steady
搞怪to do something wacky
wacky behaviour
搞掉to get rid of; to do away with
搞法way of doing or making a thing
搞活to enliven
to invigorate
to revitalize
搞混to confuse
to muddle
to mix up
搞特殊化use one's position to pursue personal perquisites and prestiges
搞笑片comedy film
CL: 部
搞糟foul up; hash; make a mess of; mess up; play the devil with; mess with; make a balls of; spoil; queer
搞臭blow upon