Animated Stroke Order of 摸:

stroke order animation of 摸

Radical:扌     Strokes:13

Pinyin & Definition:

to feel with the hand/to touch/to stroke/to grope/to feel (one's pulse)

Related Chinese characters:

Words with Chinese Character 摸:
to feel with the hand
to touch
to stroke
摸不清do not understand; not quite sure
摸不着unable to clearly understand (a situation etc)
摸不着头脑to be unable to make any sense of the matter
to be at a loss
摸不着边儿[Literal] unable to touch the edge -- cannot understand at all
摸不透wonder; be puzzled
摸准find out about
摸到门路have learned the ways of the trade
摸吧touch bar (hostess bar that allows physical contact)
摸哨surprise the enemy's sentry in the dark
摸头get to know
摸奖Try one's luck at drawing lots.
摸底know the real situation; try to find out the real intention
摸彩to draw lots
摸排thorough search
摸清find out
摸清底细feel out the situation
摸爬滚打to go through arduous training or hard work
摸石头过河lit. crossing the river by feeling for stones
improvise by trial-and-error
move cautiously