Animated Stroke Order of 操:

stroke order animation of 操

Radical:扌     Strokes:16

Pinyin & Definition:

cāoto grasp/to hold/to operate/to manage/to control/to steer/to exercise/to drill (practice)/to play/to speak (a language)
cào(taboo word) used erroneously for 肏, to fuck

Related Chinese characters:

Words with Chinese Character 操:
to grasp
to hold
to operate
操之过急to act with undue haste (idiom); eager and impatient
操作to work
to operate
to manipulate
操作人员operating staff; operation crews; operating personnel; attending personnel
操作代码operation code
操作台operating desk
control panel
操作室an operating room (OR)
操作性能handling quality; serviceability
操作手册operation manual; workbook; MANOP; operations manual
操作技术handling technique; operative technique; technic; technique
操作指南operation manual; kinks; operating instruction; operator guide
操作方法method of operation; operational approach; working technique
操作显示屏an operation display
操作杆function lever; operating arm; action bars; action bar
操作法technique; methodology; maneuver; manipulation
操作流程图functional flow diagram (ffd)
操作环境operating environment
操作的manipulative; operational; operating; operated; functional; operative; operant; active; manipulatory; handling