Animated Stroke Order of 放:

stroke order animation of 放

Radical:攵     Strokes:8

Pinyin & Definition:

fàngto release/to free/to let go/to put/to place/to let out/to set off (fireworks)

Related Chinese characters:

Words with Chinese Character 放:
to release
to free
to let go
放下to put down
to let go
to set aside
放下包袱to lay down a heavy burden
放下屠刀drop the butcher's knife; reform an evildoer into a good person
放下屠刀,立地成佛lay down butcher's knife, become a Buddha on the spot (idiom); instant rehabilitation
to repent and be absolved of one's crimes
放下武器to disarm; to lay down one's arms
放不下to be unable to let go
to be unable to stop (doing sth)
放不下心cannot stop worrying
放之四海而皆准appropriate to any place and any time (idiom); universally applicable
a panacea
放任to ignore
to let alone
to indulge
放任主义laissez faire
放任政策laissez-faire policy
放任自流to let sb do whatever they want
to indulge
to give free reins to
放低to lower
to be humble
放债to lend money (for interest)
to give credit
放债人money scrivener; sowcar; soucar; scrivener; money-lender
放假to have a holiday or vacation
放像机videoplayer; magnescope
放光kindling; outshine
放养to breed (livestock, fish, crops etc)
to grow
to raise