Animated Stroke Order of 敬:

stroke order animation of 敬

Radical:攵     Strokes:12

Pinyin & Definition:

jìngto respect/to venerate/to salute/to offer

Related Chinese characters:

Words with Chinese Character 敬:
to respect
to venerate
to salute
敬上yours truly
yours sincerely (at the end of a letter)
敬业to be dedicated to one's work
to respect one's work
敬业乐群diligent and sociable (idiom); meticulous in work and dealing cheerfully with one's colleagues
敬仰to revere
highly esteemed
敬佩to esteem
to admire
敬候await respectfully
敬启respectful closing to a letter
敬启者I beg to state; I wish to inform you; to whom it may concern
敬呈Offer respectfully.
敬告to tell respectfully
to announce reverentially
敬备(humble expr.) prepare to offer humble hospitality
please accept my inadequate (food or drink)
敬奉to worship piously
to present
to dedicate
敬悉(honorific) revered news
the most valuable information (in your recent letter, book etc)
Thank you for your letter.
敬慕adoration; love
敬拜to worship
敬挽be with deep condolences from
to admire
敬烟to offer a cigarette (to a guest)