Animated Stroke Order of 敲:

stroke order animation of 敲

Radical:攴     Strokes:14

Pinyin & Definition:

qiāoextort/knock/to strike/to knock (at a door)/to hit

Related Chinese characters:

Words with Chinese Character 敲:
to hit
to strike
to tap
敲丧钟a knell
敲中背to receive oral sex from a prostitute
敲入to key in
to input
敲出to tap out; to pound out
敲击to pound
to rap
敲响to sound a bell
to raise the alarm
敲大背to have sex with a prostitute
敲定to conclude
a resolution
敲小背to be masturbated by a prostitute
敲小鼓tabor; tabour
敲山震虎a deliberate show of strength as a warning
敲打to beat sb
to beat (a drum)
敲打声scat; beat; SCATT; rantan
敲打锣鼓lit. to beat a gong; fig. to irritate sb
a provocation
敲掉knock off
敲敲打打to provoke with words
敲榨to wring
to extort (money)
to rip off
敲竹杠extortion by taking advantage of sb's weakness
敲背back-knocking massage