Animated Stroke Order of 斋:

stroke order animation of 斋

Radical:文     Strokes:10

Pinyin & Definition:

zhāi(Buddhist or Daoist) to fast/to abstain from meat or wine/room/building

Related Chinese characters:

Words with Chinese Character 斋:
to fast or abstain from meat, wine etc
vegetarian diet
study room
斋僧to provide Buddhist monks with meals
斋坛A place where the ancient emperors offered sacrifices to God.
斋堂dining hall in a Buddhist temple
斋戒to fast
斋戒日fast day
斋戒沐浴fast and ablution; ablution; fast and pray; fast and take a bath before a religious
斋戒节Ramadan; the fast of Ramadan
斋教Zhaijiao sect of Buddhism
斋月Ramadan (Islam)
斋期fast days
斋祭to offer sacrifices (to gods or ancestors) whilst abstaining from meat, wine etc
斋藤Saito or Saitoh, Japanese surname
斋醮 to setup an altar to pray to Buddha.
斋饭food given to Buddhist monks as alms