Animated Stroke Order of 断:

stroke order animation of 断

Radical:斤     Strokes:11

Pinyin & Definition:

duànabsolutely/decidedly (in negative constructions)/break/to judge

Related Chinese characters:

Words with Chinese Character 断:
to break
to snap
to cut off
断七hold a service on the 49th day after one's death
断事如神to decide matter with excellent judgement
断井颓垣a scene of devastation
断交break off diplomatic relations
断代periodization (of history)
断代史dynastic history
断口fracture; Nick; rent; kerf
断句to pause at appropriate points in reading aloud unpunctuated writing
to punctuate
断后bring up the rear; have no progeny
断喝shout in haste
断块山岭basin range
断垄seedlingless ridges
断垣残壁broken walls; debris; a ruin
2.descriptive of a desolate scene
断壁dilapidated walls; cliff
断壁残垣dilapidated walls; broken walls; crumbling walls and ruined curbs; in utter diapidation; ruins of some buildings
断头decollation; broken ends; ends down; beheading
断奶to wean