Animated Stroke Order of 施:

stroke order animation of 施

Radical:方     Strokes:9

Pinyin & Definition:

shīto distribute (alms)/to do/to execute/to carry out/surname Shi

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Words with Chinese Character 施:
surname Shi
施与to donate
to give
to grant
施主designation of a person by a monk
施事(ling.) agent
施力点force point; point of force application; point of application
施加to exert (effort or pressure)
施加压力to bring pressure to bear on somebody; to exert pressure upon sb.
施华洛世奇水晶Swarovski crystal
施压to pressure
施威show severity
施展to use fully
to put to use
施工人员builder; constructor
施工单位unit in charge of construction
施工图shop drawing; construction plan; execution drawing; working plan; detail plan; a working plan; production drawings; building drawing
施工场地a construction site
施工缝construction joint; constuction joint
施工详图construction details; working drawing; detail of construction; shop detail drawing; construction detail
施恩to bestow favor