Animated Stroke Order of 旋:

stroke order animation of 旋

Radical:方     Strokes:11

Pinyin & Definition:

xuànlathe/specially for an occasion

Related Chinese characters:

Words with Chinese Character 旋:
to revolve
a loop
a circle
旋乾转坤lit. overturning heaven and earth (idiom); earth-shattering
a radical change
旋光rotation of plane of polarization of light
旋光对映体optical antimer; optical enantiomorph; optical antipode
旋光度optical rotation; specific rotation; optical activity
旋光异性[Chemistry] optical isomerism
旋光异构optical isomerism; rotational isomerism
旋光异构体optical isomer; optically active isomer
旋光性optical activity; optical rotation; rotary polarization; opticity
旋光计polarimeter; polaristrobometer
旋前肌pronator teres muscle (below the elbow)
旋印照片[Photography] a rotograph
旋即soon after
旋卷的circinal; circinate; circinatus
旋回to cycle
旋塞faucet; valvecock; plugcock; plug cock; dummy coupling; tap; cock; turncock
旋子torsor (math)
旋工lathe operator
spinning wheel worker