Animated Stroke Order of 日:

stroke order animation of 日

Radical:日     Strokes:4

Pinyin & Definition:

day/sun/date/day of the month/abbr. for Japan/CL:個|个[ge4]

Related Chinese characters:

Words with Chinese Character 日:
date, day of the month
日上三竿 it's late in the morning
日下At present
日不暇给be full occupied every day
日久with the passing of time; in course of time
日久天长with the passage of time
日久岁深to last for an eternity (idiom)
日久生情familiarity breeds fondness (idiom)
日久见人心time reveals a person's heart
日产Nissan, Japanese car make
also transliterated 尼桑
日以继夜round the clock
日俄战争the war of 1904-1905 between Russia and Japan
日偏食partial eclipse of the sun
日元Japanese yen (unit of currency)
also written 日圓|日圆
日光兰[Botany] an asphodel
日光室a sunroom
日光层heliosphere; liosphere