Animated Stroke Order of 旧:

stroke order animation of 旧

Radical:日     Strokes:5

Pinyin & Definition:

jiùold/opposite: new 新/former

Related Chinese characters:

Words with Chinese Character 旧:
opposite: new 新
旧业one's old profession
trade of one's forebears
旧习old habit
former custom
旧书second-hand book
old book
ancient book
旧书店book bank; second-hand bookstore; antiquarian bookstore
旧事old affair
former matter
旧事重提repetition of the old tale bring up a matter of the past
旧五代史History of the Five Dynasties (between Tang and Song), eighteenth of the 24 dynastic histories 二十四史, compiled under Xue Juzheng 薛居正 in 974 during Northern Song 北宋, 150 scrolls
旧交old friend
former acquaintance
旧体old form of writing
piece in the old style
旧体诗poetry in the old style
旧例old rules
example from the past
former practices
旧俗former custom
old ways
旧制old system
weights and measures of former times
旧制度old system
旧前in the past
旧历old calendar
the Chinese lunar calendar
same as 農曆|农历
旧历年lunar New Year
旧友old friend
旧名former name